Package com.mockrunner.jms

Class Summary
BasicJMSTestCaseAdapter Delegator for JMSTestModule.
ConfigurationManager The ConfigurationManager is used for global settings of the JMS test framework.
DestinationManager The DestinationManager can be used to create queues and topics, which is normally an administrative act.
GenericTransmissionManager This class is used to create generic producers that are not associated with a destination.
JMSTestCaseAdapter Delegator for JMSTestModule.
JMSTestModule Module for JMS tests.
MessageManager Can be used to create and access all type of messages.
QueueTransmissionManager This class is used to create queue senders and receivers.
TopicTransmissionManager This class is used to create topic publishers and subscribers.
TransmissionManagerWrapper A wrapper around QueueTransmissionManager and TopicTransmissionManager and GenericTransmissionManager.